Dear Parents of the Fifth Grade,

    On Friday, June 16, 2017, from 9:30-12:30​, the Fifth Grade will be presenting their Heritage Projects.  Most of the work has already been completed, but there are a few additional items that may require your assistance.
    Your child’s presentation can be truly successful if you:
    - Check with your child to confirm if they need a presentation board to display their work. (Individual teachers may have different requirements depending on the type/size of projects)
    - Would allow him/her to bring in some type of artifact from your country. However, please be sure it not valuable or too fragile.
    - Have him/her dress in the “traditional dress” of the heritage country or in clothes that represent the turn of the 20th century.  For boys, this could mean: dark colored pants and a white shirt, hat of the time period.  For girls: dark colored skirts that are mid to ankle length, plain blouse, scarf, shawl, et cetera. This attire should not cost any more than a search through the family closet.
    - Assist him/her in preparing a recipe of traditional food. (Recipes can be from your own family or found online or a cookbook.) There recipe does not need to feed more than 25 people and shouldn’t require more than a single batch of the recipe, cut into small sample sizes. The food should be ready for distribution, and if needed, forks, toothpicks, napkins, plates should be provided. Electricity is NOT available for crockpots, but you may still bring in your own dishes.
    - PLEASE NOTE: Many of our students and guests have food allergies. For their safety, when choosing a recipe, please avoid recipes with nuts or nut oils.
    - Also, please type a recipe card to display on the day so that students with other allergies may be aware of what is in each food.
    - Drop off your child’s food in the LMS cafeteria between 8:15-9:15am. Students are welcome to bring their food on the bus if it is feasible.
    - Are able to attend, if possible. Heritage Day promises to be an extraordinary experience. We realize this may be difficult because of all of the activities planned for your fifth grader. However, the children would be most honored if you could come. Of course, all family members are welcome! We typically welcome over 800 guests; please arrive early so you are guaranteed a seat. The gym is available for seating at 8:15am. Senior seating is available.
    Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher. 


    Thank you for all your support,

    The Fifth Grade Teachers