• Here are some brief descriptions of the activities offered at Camp Mason this year... 
    1. High Y - Students work as a team in a high-wire scenario!
    2. Archeology - Discover new and interesting things as you explore the cam grounds!
    3. Beaver Pond Hike - Take a relaxing, informative hike to Beaver Pond. Learn about nature and the ecosystem surrounding the pond..maybe even see some wildlife!
    4. Boating - Team up with someone on a canoe and boat around the lake!
    5. High Ropes Course- go through an obstacle course high in the trees!
    6. Woodland Lifestyles of Native Americans - Learn about the Native Americans who once roamed this area.
    7. Mt. Mason - climb the man-made wall and try to reach the top!
    8. Nature Trail - Learn about nature as you travel around Camp Mason on the many trails.
    9. Geocaching - Go on a GPS Treasure Hunt! Students will use a GPS device to find hidden treasures!
    10. Archery/Riflery - Practice hitting targets in this safe, fun environment!
    11. Total Team - Put your heads together and figure out how to overcome many physical obstacles!
    12. Vertical Playpen- Climb the vertical ropes and tires to get to the top!
    13. Wilderness Survival - What would you do if you were stuck in the middle of nowhere? Learn valuable survival skills!
    14. Rick's Rocks - "On-Belay!" Climb the rocks and get to the top!
    15. Firecracker and Wilder Woozy - walk across a ladder high in the trees with friends at the bottom holding the ladder still!