• Ropes Course
     Welcome to 5th Grade Computer Applications

    A moment ago, I talked about my summer adventure and told you a story about a challenge I was afraid to face. The ropes course is a metaphor for the class you are about to take. We are going to put you on a “virtual ropes course challenge" and see if you can survive the test.


    In this class you will face a number of “project obstacles” it’s your job to complete. You will benefit by listening to tips from the instructor, focusing and trying your best, but most importantly watching how other students complete the challenge. I encourage you all to help one another complete these challenges.


    You will receive a “badge of honor” each time you complete a project or demonstrate a skill that is useful in completing a challenge. Students who can and are willing to take the time to teach other students skills will receive “mastery badges”. Only the student, or students you helped can nominate you for a mastery badge, so do a good job explaining the skill.


    Just like my ropes course challenge I can offer advice from the ground but I will not climb up into the trees to rescue you. It’s up to you and the people around you to complete the challenge. If you fall, ask for help from the people around you and pull yourself back up. You might need to take a break. It’s okay to rest and try again tomorrow.

     trying again

Last Modified on February 6, 2015