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     Third Obstacle Challenge
    Focusing on Digital Citizenship
    Green Course
    Level of Difficulty - Easy 

    In this challenge you will complete a webquest. A webquest is an activity that helps you record notes and collect information you will need to complete the challenge. You will have the opportunity to pick a partner to work with on this challenge.

    What is Digital Citizenship?
    In the old days, we learned in a linear fashion. Something was taught to us by a teacher and we were expected to master that skill exactly the same way. It was a slow process.
    Learning the old way. 
    Linear Learning  
    Today’s world is different because of technology. Today, kids learn in a non-linear world. Technology has given kids tools to support learning in ways never before available to a teacher in a classroom.
     Learning the new way!
    Today’s world is bigger. Classrooms extend beyond the walls with links to the internet. It’s non-linear. Learning can happen anywhere, at anytime with technology at our fingertips. It’s powerful. Students can learn more in a non-linear world and every student can teach someone else. That’s real evidence of learning in the new world of technology.
    Common Sense Media, a non-profit internet safety organization defines digital citizenship as "the new codes of conduct we all must adopt to be safe, responsible, and respectful participants in today's digitally connected culture." Simply put, it's the expectations for the way we behave and treat others online.
    The internet is a community. Just like our real life community, there are rules and expectations for behavior that must be followed. Some of these rules are written down as laws to protect the people in the community. Other rules are not written down, but are just as important to follow when you're out in the community.
    Speeding down a neighborhood street in a car is breaking the law. That rule is written down for people to follow. If they break that rule, they will pay fines or possibly go to jail.
    Looking both ways before you cross a busy street is not a law in your community, but it is good practice if you want to cross the street safely. This is an example of an unwritten rule that is important to follow in the real community.
    This challenge will help you to become familiar with some of the written and unwritten rules of the internet community. They outline the important things to consider whenever you're out there on the web. They will also teach you some skills to stay safe as a good digital citizen in the online community.


    Click the link below and watch the video to gather information needed to complete the first page of the challenge.
    You should have side one of your worksheet completed from the information presented in the video. Click this link to move on.  
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