• Rules and Procedures...
    Class Rules
    1. Arrive to class on time and prepared.
    2. Respect all people, equipment, and resources of the class.
    3. Stay on task.
    4. Follow all lab safety rules.
    1. Verbal warning.
    2. Deduct participation point.
    3. Conference with teacher.
    4. Email or Phone call home.
    1. Verbal recognition.
    2. Bonus participation point.
    3. Edmodo Badge for your profile. 
    Procedures for the Beginning of Class
    1. Report to your assigned seat.
    2. Put belongings in student fishbowls.
    3. Read the objectives on the board.
    4. Complete Do-Now activity.
    Procedures for the End of Class
    1. Save Work and Turn in Worksheets.
    2. Clean up  your area.
    3. Always Log Out of profiles.
    4. Wait for teacher to dismiss class.
Last Modified on February 4, 2015