• 5th Grade Computer Apps - Explanation of Grading

    Grading in the 5th grade computer apps course is based on a student growth model. Students are pre-assessed at the start of each cycle and tested for competencies and understanding of technology concepts, systems and operations. Gaps in learning and proficiency are identified and re-taught to strengthen a student’s core competencies in the use of technology to manage, evaluate and synthesize information.

    Student data is collected throughout the entire program and a final proficiency grade is assigned at the end of the cycle. Every student needs to take ownership of the grade they earn in this class with the final grade determined by Lab Performance as an indicator of growth. The following list illustrates a model student's can follow to reach their fullest potential in our class.

    An up-"beat" student is a thinking student, which is something we look for each day. So I'd like every student to remember the "beats" to dance to in becoming an upbeat student.


    Picking up the ...B.E.A.T.S
    • B - Behavior - Follow all class rules and procedures.

    • E - Effort - Try your best, even if something is difficult.

    • A - Attitude - Be kind and have a positive attitude.

    • T - Teamwork -  Offer help to others who might be struggling.

    • S - Skills - Work hard to learn and teach new skills.

    Assessment of Lab Performance (100% of final grade)


    5th Grade Computer Apps practices a NO-HOMEWORK POLICY
    • Students will be graded on their lab performance using a descriptive grading scale.

    • Students will be given the first half of cycle to become familiar and comfortable with the program, teacher and classroom procedures.

    • Students will be graded by teacher observation during the second half of the cycle.

    • Growth measurement is taken from a final assessment that tests the skills and concepts covered throughout the cycle.

    • Performance will be graded by proficiency level: Advanced Proficient (AP), Proficient (P), Partially Proficient (PP), and Limited Proficiency (LP)

    Key Identifiers of Lab Performance Grade


    AP = Advanced Proficiency

    • Student participates positively and responsibly in all class activities and shows an interest in learning or doing more in the subject area.

    • Student demonstrates mastery of skills and excellent understanding of concepts presented in class.

    • Student always applies the skills and knowledge learned in class in his/her lab work.

    • Student has a positive attitude and is always cooperative with peers and teacher.

    • Student goes above and beyond what is expected – an asset to have in class.


    P = Proficiency
    • Student participates positively and responsibly in all class activities.

    • Student demonstrates a good understanding of the concepts and skills presented in class.

    • Student makes a good effort to apply skills and knowledge learned into his/her lab work.

    • Student has a positive attitude and cooperates with peers and teacher.


    PP = Partial Proficiency
    • Student usually participates in class activities and acts responsibly.

    • Student shows areas of weakness in skills and has some difficulty understanding  concepts presented in class.

    • Student needed to be reminded to apply learned skills and concepts to lab work.

    • Student sometimes shows poor attitude toward subject, activity or is uncooperative with peers or teacher.


    LP = Limited Proficiency
    • Student was negative or irresponsible when participating in class activities.

    • Student demonstrated mastery of few skills and little understanding of concepts presented in class.

    • Student needed to be reminded to apply skills and knowledge to lab work and often forgot how to apply the skills and knowledge to lab work.

    • Student demonstrated a negative attitude, minimal effort and often did not cooperate with peers and teacher.

    Numeric Grade Equivalencies (For illustrative range purposes only)

    AP = 96% - 100%

    P = 85% - 95%

    PP = 76% - 84%

    LP = 75% and below

Last Modified on October 17, 2016