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     Password Help
    Accessing Your Google Drive Tools
    Green Course
    Level of Difficulty - Easy 

    Your first assignment was to login with a secure password to help protect your online identity. A secure password should be something that is easy to remember, but unique enough that others will not be able to guess your password. Online safety begins with having a secure password.

    It is important for every student to know how to access their Google Student account using their username and password as an intro lesson to learning in our digital world. Every student has a unique Google login with a username that follows the format of first.lastname@mtsdstudent.us for their profile.
    Tips for creating a good password.
    Use these tips for creating a secure password in everything you do. 
    1. Your password should be something very easy to remember.
    2. Your password should be something unique to you as an individual.
    If your school team is the "cougars", then cougars is probably not the best password.
    3. Your password should not be a number game or math trick.
    For example, do not us a fibonacci sequence as a password...
    Password: 12358132134.....
    This password was created by 1+2=3; 3+2=5; 5+3=8; 8+5=13...
    You might forget the math you used when you got to double digits?
    Another example, do not just double numbers as a password....
    Password: 1248163264.....
    This password was created by x2 for every number.
    You might forget how many numbers you used in the future?
    4. If you are using numbers, make sure they have meaning and are not just repetitive.
    For example do not us "something77777" as a password.
    You might forget how many 7s you used in the future?
    5. Keep your password written down someplace safe.
    The agenda book is a logical place to keep your password written down, but the opening page of the agenda book is probably not a safe place.
    A better idea is to turn to the page of the agenda book where your birthday is and write down your passwords on that page.
    Finally, don't advertise that "this is your password"! Write in on the page someplace but don't call it a password. Simply know the page to open if you need a reminder.
Last Modified on September 22, 2015