Why Now?

  • Bond Referendum

    Vote March 8, 2016

    On Tuesday,  March 8, 2016, Montgomery Township and Rocky Hill residents will be asked to vote on a very important Referendum Proposal for $18.5 million that will update and improve our School District facilities, with emphasis on our oldest schools. Like many homeowners, the District needs to periodically invest in its “school home” to ensure that our buildings and grounds are safe, clean, code compliant and conducive to teaching and learning.

    Why Now?

    • It’s smart. Our goal is to use today’s favorable economic climate to make necessary updates and renovations to our school facilities that will serve us well into the future.
    • It’s financially prudent. The District is taking advantage of unprecedented low interest rates. Bundling infrastructure and instructional projects also offers additional savings. We are receiving approximately 40% or $7.15M in State Debt Service Aid reducing the total project cost to approximately $11.35M.
    • It’s the right time. Although our schools are well maintained, our architects have advised that many of the schools’ infrastructure systems are reaching the end-of-life cycle and it is no longer fiscally responsible to continue making repairs to the aging systems. Improvements will provide long-term energy savings.
    • It’s what we do. This plan, which involves all of our school buildings, as well as our instructional and learning spaces, is designed to benefit every child in our District and to keep pace with students’ growing educational, technology and recreational needs.
    • It’s a group effort. Based on recommendations from the District’s Operations, Facilities and Finance Committee, district administration, school building administrators, and our district architects, the Board of Education decided to move ahead with this initiative and seek voter approval to issue debt service bonds which will cover a large portion of the cost. Montgomery Township is partnering with the school district to share the cost of the resurfacing of the UMS tennis courts.  All projects have an outside funding source. 

    What Do We Get?

    Facilities Infrastructure and Health, Safety and Wellness Projects:

    • Replace multiple roofs (UMS, LMS, VES, OHES), windows (OHES)
    • Install playground at LMS
    • Replace outdated boiler and chiller systems (LMS, OHES), underground fuel tanks, asphalt, sidewalks
    • Redesign parent drop-off/pick up (UMS), rear exit (VES)
    • Replace restrooms (UMS, VES, OHES), flooring, carpeting, epoxy flooring (MHS)

    Instructional/Community Facilities Projects:

    • Renovate spaces: Media Center (UMS), Home Economics (UMS)
    • Construct dedicated VES band/chorus/orchestra instructional space
    • Renovate gymnasium floors, bleachers, gym dividers (UMS, OHES)
    • Resurface 10 District/community tennis courts (UMS), two tracks (MHS, UMS)

    See our District website for detailed Referendum information and a completed project list. https://www.mtsd.k12.nj.us/referendum2016