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    MHS Summer School Math Information 
    •   All MHS summer math classes which are being taken for credit are taught at the College Prep Level. (Not Honors).

    •   A student will be awarded five (5) MHS credits on their transcript at the completion of the course. It will read on the transcript as “Summer School – (Course name) P”. P for passing or F for failing are how summer grades are listed on MHS Official Transcripts. Summer courses are not factored into the student’s MHS GPA.

    •   The numeric grade earned in the course is recorded by the teacher and used by counselors for placement into a non-honors course after the summer course is completed.

    •   If a student is interested in being placed into an honors level course, they must do the following:

      •   On the first day of the summer course, students will fill out a form and indicate that the desired math level for 20-21 is Honors.

      •   While in the summer class, indicate to the teacher that you will need the supplemental materials to prep for Honors.

      •   Register with your teacher during the summer class for an Honors Proficiency Test. The testing day is August 

      •   A score of 85 on the Honors Proficiency Test must be achieved to advance to honors at the next level.

    •   If a student is currently in an honors level math course in the 19-20 school year and takes a summer math class and sits for the Honors Proficiency test but does not earn the required 85 on that assessment to remain in honors, that student has two options:

      1. Advance to the next level of math at the college prep level (not honors), or,

      2. Remain in the honors level, but re-take the course during the 20-21 school year that they took during the summer of 2020. If this selection is chosen, the student’s counselor must be informed as soon as possible so that schedules can be correct and so that no notation on the student’s transcript is made indicating that they had taken a summer course. 

    •   Pre Requisites for Algebra 2: Geometry Honors students must have over an 85 to enroll in the summer Algebra 2 course.Geometry CP students must have over a 90 in their Geometry AND in their Algebra 1 class from the prior year. **Grades will be reviewed on May 19th**



Last Modified on March 11, 2020