• Kindergarten Homework


    ·        Please check your child’s blue folder for homework assignments if/when given.

    ·        Beginning in November/December, children will be taking home “Book Baggies.”  Please read the books in the baggie daily.  More information will follow.

    ·        Provide experiences- examples trips, playing outside, talking through household activities (cooking, folding laundry, etc).

    ·        Explore when playing outside and gather information from research to answer questions and solve problems (example- you and your child see an orange and                  black butterfly flying; you do not know the name of the butterfly so you investigate species on the internet)

    ·        Go outside and discuss observations together

    Reading/Writing Ideas

    Math Ideas

    -Write a grocery list together

    -Sing or chant rhymes

    -Informal conversations at dinner time with each other

    -Write a story about things you do together

    -Write Thank you cards

    -Emergent Storybook reading

    -Student Portal sites (Raz-Kids, Bookflix, etc.)

    -Sort laundry by color and type (pants, shirts, socks)

    -Count the amount of steps in your home or the amount of steps it takes to get to the bus stop and then write the number

    -Draw a map of your house and discuss the location of each room

    -Follow simple recipes while cooking

    -Set the dinner table for dinner