• Welcome

    to the

    Science Olympiad! 


    Congratulations to our Science Olympiad team for winning First Place at our Regional Competition! 

    UMS Science Olympiad Team

    Congratulations to our Science Olympiad team for winning Second Place at our State Competition! 


    If you are interested in trying out for the 2020-21 season, please listen to the morning announcements for meetings and test information! It is strongly encouraged for students to begin preparing the summer before the season begins. Students are more successful in making the team if they have already been to the New Jersey Science Olympiad website, viewed the rules, and began preparing for events of their choice. 



    • Begin building and studying over the Summer
    • Be committed to the team (attend all practices)
    • Provide evidence of your work upon try-outs (portfolio)
    • Have fun!


    Other Helpful Websites: 

    https://www.soinc.org/ and https://scioly.org/wiki/index.php/Division_B


    Creating the team is a detailed and challenging process. 


    We will be looking to see what you have done to prepare for the team in order to try out. You may be asked to see work samples such as what you have built, documents created, etc. It may be a good idea to put together a portfolio.



    You must arrange to either be picked up promptly or take the late bus. If you are not picked up on time, you will automatically take the late bus. 



    Thank you for trying out! We are looking forward to a very successful competitive season!


    Try-Out Process:

    1. Informational Meeting

    2. Tests (entrance and building)

    3. Application process (on Google forms this year) and teacher recommendations

    Students making it to this round will receive information.

    4. Possible second test OR an interview


    **We are extremely limited to accepting a given number of students. Please understand that this process is challenging for all involvoed.**


    **Meetings take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-4 and some Saturdays from 9-12.**

    Attendance is KEY to any successful team!

    Olympians making the team will be given the dates which can also be found on the Science Olympiad Google Classroom.

    Please check the dates often and listen to the morning announcements as some may change. 


    Please listen to the announcements and/or follow the Science Olympiad Google Classroom for the most current information.