• Science Olympiad Camp

    A camp geared toward all events from the Science Olympiad competition!

    We are into our third successful year!


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    Those working toward trying out for the Science Olympiad upon entering 7th grade can begin preparing by viewing the events for the upcoming year on the New Jersey Science Olympiad website. You can begin studying or building for events that interest you. It is expected that students do this in order to try out the summer before forming the team.


    Students' comments regarding their favorite part of camp: 

    "I feel the best part was creating new friendships and working on team building skills."

    "My favorite part of camp was making the board games and balls and tracks. The board games were very fun to make and I learned a lot on herpatology while making the games. I got a lot of knowledge. I also liked the balls and tracks because it was very exciting to make and I really enjoyed making the loops, lifts, and roller coasters. Those were my favorite parts of camp."

    "My favorite part of camp were the building activities that we did and how much I learned."



    Overall Experiences:

    "I really enjoyed coming to your camp! :)"

    "I really enjoyed the camp and I really hope I can come again next year."

    "I really enjoyed the class and had lots of fun in it! This will definitely help me in getting into Science Olympiad soon!"

    "If you can make this camp longer., DO IT!"