• Parents may choose whether or not they wish their child to utilize district transportation for the 2020-2021 school year. 

    Social Distancing on School Buses
    Bus drivers and/or aides will attempt to seat students as safe as possible. As all students are required to wear masks while being transported by the District as our first line of defense. Social distancing will not be done on school buses, however, every person wearing a mask will assure student health and safety while transporting our District students.

    Student Transportation
    If a student is observed at a bus stop or attempting to board a school bus without a mask, they will be told he or she must have a mask.  If the student does not have a mask, it will be provided for them by the driver and/or bus aide. In the absence of parental/guardian supervision, the driver will provide the student with a mask. 

Last Modified on August 3, 2020