MHS FENCING
    Information regarding the new coach for 2019-2020 will be posted here in preparation for an amazing season 
    Team practice is anticipated to begin the Monday after Thanksgiving
     More information as it becomes available.....
     The Coaches association information website (you may have to copy and paste)



    Fencing coaches and coaches throughout the state have concerns regarding Blogs, internet social site postings, and other internet communication was an issue of concern.

    Remember when you write it down it never goes away. 

     People will have access to all you think and say. 

    They may misunderstand or be judgmental in a way.

    So my advise to you is to be careful what you say.



    OK so no one is going to ask me to create a book of poems but we, as a team, agree that no Montgomery Fencer shall post comments about Fencing (unless just noting facts) in blogs, facebook or other social interactive places. 

    It is a concern for all coaches, not just fencing.  

    I hope I have made my point.

    For up to date information on any fencing event, or results go to www.njifa.org  Here you will find valuable information about Fencing in New Jersey.
    That's it for now.
    Coach Snedeker
    REady -- FenceThe link attached is for the rules governing high school fencing competition.  Everyone should take time to look them over and familiarize themselves with rules.
    We have been going over rules as we go but it is important that everyone take part in the learning process.