• What Do I Need to Know to Have a Successful Year in French?
    School Supplies:                                                   notebook
    What do I need to bring to class each day?
    Students should bring a 3 ring BINDER WITH LINED PAPER, pencils with eraser, and daily homework.

    Do I need anything else?

    Yes.  Throughout the year you will be given packets and handouts.  These should be placed in your 3 ring BINDER, and you should bring these to class with you each day.
    Why should I do homework?
    Homework is assigned for you to practice skills learned in class and helps to reinforce our daily lessons and it's 10% of your grade.
    Will I get better grades if I do my homework?
    Yes! Students who do their nightly homework in a thoughtful way will get better grades.
    How do I know what the homework is?
    Homework will generally be posted every day on the front whiteboard in my classroom, online on parent resources/GOOGLE CLASSROOM, or you can ask me or your classmates.
    Grading Policy:
    How am I graded?
    (Please refer to my classroom expectations handout given to all students in September.)
    Classroom Expectations:
    What is acceptable classroom behavior?
    The classroom should provide an environment where all students who have the desire to learn are able to do so.  My expectation is that each student will behave in a way that enables all students to learn every day.  If any student disrupts another student's ability to learn in my classroom, this student's parents will be contacted, and consequences will be determined.