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    The MHS Sub-Committee's purpose is to bring together teachers, parents, and administrators to give input regarding special education programs at Montgomery High School.  Its first proposal was implemented at the high school a few years ago, a self-contained class for Language Learning Disabled students.  The sub-committee has identified other issues to be addressed including training staff to deal appropriately with behaviorial issues unique to classified students; improving post-secondary transition services; and the incorporation of life-skills training into the curriculum.  For information, or to join this committee, contact Joanne Tonkin.
    General Information:
    SEPTA Scholarship Application: 

    SEPTA is pleased to award scholarships to graduating Montgomery High School Seniors.  Our scholarships will recognize:

    *Students with IEP or 504 accommodations, who self disclose and share their contributions to the MHS community.

    *Students who have dedicated time and effort to our special needs community here in Montgomery Township.

    *Students who plan to study and prepare for a career in Special Education at the post secondary level.


    Scholarship Requirements are as follows:

    1.   Application: fill out the information below and attach this form to your written statement.

    2.  Written Statement:on a separate typed sheet, in 500 words or less describe the positive contributions and/or experiences you have had at MHS either as part of the special needs community and or working with or for the special needs community here in Montgomery.

    3.  Application DUE DATE to MHS Guidance Office is 8 AM on or before TBD
          Application link:  PTSA SEPTA Scholarship Application

    For any further information about our Scholarships, please contact Mary Anne Treacy-Ryan, parent chair, at royalryans@aol.com.

    We have also complied a list of Scholarships available for our students based on their disabilities or medical conditions.  Please note that the dates on all of these scholarships were as a few years ago.  You will need to look up each award/scholarship off the provided link for updated information.  This is only a resource and is NOT a full list nor does SEPTA sponsor or promote any of them.  List can be found on the attached link:  Other Scholarship Resources
    What Are You Doing After High School? 
    A Series of Conversations   

    I. What You Need to Know (or not) about SATs and ACTs

    v  Are they necessary for path that your child is choosing?

    v  What accommodations are appropriate and available?

    v  What is the process for documenting and requesting accommodations?

    When: Monday, 12/13/10 at 7:00pm,  Room Skybox

    This conversation was led by Jacqueline Raftery, LDTC  MHS Child Study Team and Stacey Delbridge, Psychologist MHS Child Study Team


    II. How to Find Higher Ed. Options that Fit

    v  What are your goals for the future?

    v  What type of post-secondary education is necessary to reach those goals?

    v  Does all higher education offer support services and how do services differ from high school?

    When: Monday 1/10/11 at 7:00pm,  Room Skybox

    This conversation was led by Ana Santini, Montgomery SEPTA President and parent of MHS graduate


    III. From High School to Work and Beyond

    v  What are your goals for the future?

    v  What type of post-secondary vocational training is necessary to reach those goals?

    v  What is process for documenting and accessing employment support services

    When: Monday 2/14/11 at 7:00pm,  Room Skybox

    This conversation will be led by Joanne Tonkin, MTSD Supervisor of Pupil Services and Janice Fishbein, NJ Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services


    IV. The Application Process

    v  What can be done to reduce the stress of applications?

    v  How does the MHS Guidance Department help in the process?

    v  Have you heard of Naviance?

    v  When is it necessary and appropriate to talk about the nature of your disability?

    When: Monday  3/14/11 at 7:00pm,  Room Skybox

    This conversation will be led by Audrey Rosenthal, MHS Special Education Teacher and Carla Hampton, MHS Guidance Counselor
    Presentation:  (On Guidance website)
    A General Review of our Mini-Series presented January 2012 covering all four previous presentations on Transitioning into Adulthood
    MAY 18, 2010 -- come out and gather information about colleges, universities, post secondary options, etc., offered by over 100 institutions.
    Presentation of Mission to BOE
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