• Mystery Readers

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    About two times a month a mystery person visits our classroom.  This mysterious person will read us a book, explains how reading is important in their life and shares their love of reading to the class!  Below are the Mystery Readers that have visited us so far this year.   Contact Mrs. Trautwein if you would like to arrange a visit to Room 145 as a MYSTERY READER!
    Miss Mac
    Our very first Mystery Reader of the 2009-2010 school year was Miss Mac, our Grandfriend.  She will be visiting us once a week and while she is here, she READS with us!  Fun, fun!  While she visited Room 145 as a Mystery Reader she read The So-So Cat by Edith Thacher Hurd.
    Mrs. Gerdes
    Mrs. Gerdes really surprised us with her visit.  She came and read two books to us, Knuffle Bunny and Knuffle Bunny Too, both written by Mo Willems.  We loved those great illustrations! 
    Mrs. Haaijer
    Mrs. Haaijer read Ms. Krup Cracks Me Up by Dan Gutman.  We had so much fun during her visit and we were so glad she could join us!
    Mr. Kemen
    Mr. Kemen visited our room and shared the importance of reading and writing for his job.  We learned that he even uses the writing process (just like us) so that he can publish articles at work!  We enjoyed his reading of the book, Never Ride our Elephant to School by Doug Johnson. 
    Mystery Snowman
    Our Mystery Snowman came in on the day before our Winter Break.  The Snowman shared his love of reading with us and did a FINE FINE job reading one of Mrs. Trautwein's favorite books- A Fine, Fine School by Sharon Creech.  I wonder who the Snowman was???
    Mrs. Kim
    Mrs. Kim was our first Mystery Reader of 2010!  She read Milly and Tilly: Story of a Town Mouse and a Country Mouse by Kate Summers and Maggie Kneen to us and we really enjoyed it!  We had time for her to read us a second book!  Hooray!  We also enjoyed listening to Duck and Goose by Tad Hills. 
    Mr. Seamon
    Mr. Seamon visited us on Sports Day and helped us prepare for the Super Bowl by reading Family Huddle by Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, and Archie Manning.  We had so much fun hearing this awesome story!  Additionally, we learned how Mr. Seamon reads both professionally and for enjoyment!
    Sgt Wain
    Sgt. Wain of the Montgomery Township Police Department visited OHES and he helped us kick off Read Across America Week!   Sgt. Wain read Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathmann.   We also had so much fun asking him questions and sharing stories with him!  Lastly, he shared how reading and writing is so important to do his job well.   Thanks for coming to our classroom Sgt. Wain!
    Brianna's mom surprised us today and what a special day it was!  We were celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday and to help us celebrate she read one of his books,   If I Ran the Zoo!  Thanks for coming in to read a fun story! 
    Deputy Mayor Dyer
    Deputy Mayor Kacey Dyer visited us today-what a priveldge to have her in to our classroom!  She read Duck For President by Doreen Cronin.  She also told us all about her job and how she uses reading and writing everyday to do her job so well! 
    We ended our Read Across America Week with another very special visitor, Miss Stolte!  Everyone was so excited to see her back at OHES.  Miss Stolte read The Lorax by Dr. Seuss.  A terrific book to end a fantastic week!
    Billy Hall
    Former professional baseball player, Billy Hall, visited our classroom to share his love of reading with us.  He read an oustanding book by Mia Hamm about sportsmanship-Winners Never Quit.   Thank you for finding time in your busy schedule to visit OHES!
    Mrs. Merkel tricked all of us with her great clues!  She shared two  outstanding books with us.  Bats at the Beach by local author, Brian Lies and Amelia Bedila's First Day of School by Herman Parish and Lynne Avril.   Thanks for coming in to read to us!
    Mr. and Mrs. Sacks-Wilner came to OHES and shared two great stories with us- Sammy Spider's First Shavuot by Sylvia A. Rouss and Katherine Janus Kahn and Hooray for Reading Day (Jessica Worries) by Margery Cuyler and Arthur Howard.  You were so much fun to have! 
    Brielle's Grandmother caught us all by suprised when she visited OHES and shared her passion for reading mysteries and writing with us.  She even shared the book she wrote herself-how cool?!?    We listened closely when she read two stories that we really enjoyed.  The books were  The Plot Chickens by Mary Jane Auch and Herm Auch and The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by Jon Scieszka  and Lane Smith. 
    Mrs. Whelan
    Mrs. Whelan surprised all of us and read a wonderful story called Where is that cat?by Carol Greene illustrated by Loretta Krupinski.  Thanks for coming in as our last mystery reader for the 09-10 school year, Mrs. Whelan!