• Overview of the class

    The resource room provides both small group and individual instruction.    Our classroom experience offers the students pre-teaching and additional practice of skills necessary for Kindergarten. We have a strong emphasis on language, literacy, phonemic awareness, social communication and following directions.


    Some of the programs used:

     Developing Number Concepts-

    Counting, Comparing and Pattern by Kathy Richardson


     Math In Focus

    Small group and  direct instruction and extra practice as needed in  a concrete-pictorial-abstract progression -We'll have extra practice with games, activities,  and additional written practice.                  
    Fundations Reading Program
    Fundations is a multi-sensory language program that provides children of varying learning abilities a foundation for reading and spelling. 

    The Kindergarten Fundations presents skills in a carefully structured scope and sequence. These build on previously taught skills. 
    Program Highlights:
    *Emphasis on systematic phonics and study of word structure
    *Skills taught explicitly and systematically
    *Instruction is cumulative and scaffolds presented skills
    *Teacher model with “Echo” the owl puppet directing students to repeat sounds, words, and sentences
    *Assessments monitor student learning and skill mastery throughout the program
    *Extensive practice provides multiple opportunities for skills application

    Skill Development in Fundations:
    *Letter formation
    *Phonological and Phonemic Awareness
    *Sound Mastery

     Language Literacy Intervention(LLI)

    LLI  is a supplementary intervention to help children learn to love reading.  They’ll learn about print and using effective processing systems in reading. They’ll be given support with explicit instruction in reading, writing and word work combined with opportunities for increased language modeling and oral language development.  
    Shared Reading and Read Aloud Books
    There is a strong emphasis on re-reading emergent literacy books, vocabulary development and learning comprehension strategies.  The books are teacher selected based on student interest and class objectives. 

    We’ll read: Poems, Nursery Rhymes, ABC books, Seasonal and Holiday Books, Predictable Rhyming Books and Narrative Story Books.     Some text are used for predicting (what might happen next, and answering question) and sequencing (who, what happened first, then what, next and at the end)  We’ll compare fiction and non fiction texts.

     Responsive Classroom

    Responsive Classroom is an approach to teaching and learning, which is based on strategies that bring together social and academic learning throughout the day. The children participate in a program that teaches social communication skills.