• Communicating With


    If you have any questions or information regarding your child you may:
    • write a note and send it in with your child
    • send an e-mail rseals@mtsd.us 
    • call 609-466-7605 (if you need to speak to me regarding an issue that needs to be addressed the same day, please leave a message with one of the secretaries and not on voicemail
    Parent Pick-up or early dismissal:
    Please send in a written note to let me know if your child is going to be an early dismissal, parent pick-up or being dismissed a different way than usual (for example, going on bus rather than Y-program, etc.).  Please do not e-mail the same day for a dismissal change as I may not be able to check our e-mail in time, there may be a substitute who will not check our e-mail or our e-mail system may be down.  If there is a change in dismissal throughout the day please call the main office and the secretary will give me the message.  If there is no written note or phone call your child will go home on the bus.