• Birthday Book Celebration:

    It is a very exciting and special moment for a child to see a family member or other important visitor sharing time with his or her classmates in order recognize his or her birthday.   Using a "birthday book" focuses the celebration around the child and his or her guest(s)- while creating a very important literary experience for the class.
    In our classroom, rather than using cupcakes or treats to celebrate the child's birthday, we use a "birthday book" instead.  This is a book that is selected by the family and can be brought into school to be read aloud to the class.  After the book is read, all of the students from the class will sign the book and it will be held in our classroom library for students to read for the remainder of the year.  At the end of the school year, each child will bring home his or her "birthday book" to keep.  It is a wonderful keepsake! 
    Some parents may not be able to come in to the classroom due to work schedules and that is okay.  You may still send in a book with your child and we will do all of the same activities.
    Please contact me at least a week before you'd like to come into school to celebrate so an appropriate time can be scheduled into our day!  I look forward to seeing you come in and celebrate your child's special day with the class!
    Birthday Invitations:

    Please do not send in invitations for your child's party to hand out in school.  This can create situations where other children may be left out. 
    Please use the Friend Finder or call the main office to mail out invitations from home.  I cannot give out home or
    e-mail addresses

    Thank you for your cooperation!