book Some tips to help your child choose a book
    that is "just right":
    • choose books by authors that you have read before or a familiar series
    • look at the print- does it seem like there might be too many words on the page or not enough?
    • read the back cover to see if the description sounds like something you might be interested in reading
    • choose books about subjects you are interested in or maybe a new topic you know very little about
    • do a picture walk
    • a book a buddy or the teacher has recommended
    • read the first couple of pages
    • Try the Five Finger Test:

    The Five Finger Test:

    1. Pick a book that interests you.
    2. Open your book to a page in the middle and read the page aloud
    3. Hold up one finger for every word that you do not know the meaning of or have trouble pronouncing or decoding.
    4. Use this key to help you:
    • 0-1 fingers: This book may be a little too easy
    • 2-3 fingers: This book is a great independent level to read on
    • 4 fingers: This book is a good challenging and instructional level to read with someone.
    • 5 fingers: This book may be a little too difficult to read right now. This book could be a frustrational book.  You might be best choosing another book to read.
    Here are a few book recommendations for
    a second grade reader:
    • Horrible Harry or Song Lee Series by Suzy Kline
    • Magic Tree House Series by Mary Pope Osborne
    • Magic School Bus Books and Chapter books by Joanna Cole
    • Henry and Mudge Series by Cynthia Rylant
    • Cam Jansen Mystery Series by David Alder
    • Nate the Great Series by Majorie Weinman Sharmat
    • A-Z Mysteries
    Many parents at conferences have asked for some suggestions for books on their child's level.  Here are a couple of websites that are free that you can use to get book lists for your child's reading level list:
    For these websites click on Guided Reading Level to select the letter that corresponds to your child's level
    This website lists the books by grade level, author and title.
    Hopefully these tips will help!