I don't know French!  How can I help my child with French?
    I hear this all the time, but don't worry!  There are many ways you can help your child!!
    • Take an interest in what s/he is learning.  Ask your child to show you what s/he is learning in class.  (Don't believe or accept "nothing" as an answer!)
    • Encourage your child to practice speaking to you, with another friend who is taking French, with a sibling who knows French, or in front of the mirror.  
    • Take your child to a French restaurant, to Montreal, to a French film or anywhere where French is spoken to expose him/her to the language.
    • Rent a French film or take a favorite movie already seen and change the language to French.  Watch the movie together!   (You can do this in 15 minute segments)
    • Review vocabulary with your child on a regular basis.  Building a child's vocabulary will help with reading comprehension, speaking, and writing. Notice connections to English or other languages you may know.
    • Go to the grocery store and look for French products.  Read labels together and make a game out of it. Have your child search for the French words for commonly used products on packaging like tissues/mouchoirs or read the ingredients on French products and try to guess or look up what they words mean.

    This is just a start, but feel free to contact me if you need additional help.