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                                                                            6th Grade Band Course Guidelines




    Course Guidelines for 6th Grade Band 2020-2021

    Mrs. Solonick, 6th grade Band Director


    Voice mail (609) 466-7604 #3837


    Dear Band Parents & Students,

            Welcome to an exciting new school year! For the first time in our experience, we will begin the school year in virtual online classes. We will all be helping each other to make this transition to Distance Learning as smoothly and successfully as possible!

    Our Band Guidelines have been amended for Distance Learning purposes.


    Our Lower Middle School operates on an A-Day/B-Day schedule, and the students will have band every other day, during the school day.  Below is some helpful information to get us off to a successful start to our band classes.


    It would be helpful if each student sets up their own workspace at home for learning. Keeping all their materials in one location will help them to stay organized and prepared for class. They will need the following:  

    Supplies:  These items need to be kept in the student's workspace for every class:

    • Instrument, in working order. Drummers will need a practice pad, a bell kit, and snare and mallet sticks. 

               If you need to rent an instrument, we recommend www.NEMC.com. Our school district has a very good working relationship with this company and a representative comes to our school         weekly to drop off and pick up instruments, making it very easy for us to handle broken instrument repairs and returns.  Of course you are free to rent from any company of your choosing.

    • Accessories, such as valve oil, (buy your own box of) reeds, water rag, slide oil, etc.  
    • Band Lesson book:  
    • 6th graders who are NOT Beginners will be using the Standard of Excellence Book 2 (blue).  Please purchase the book specific to your instrument at any music store, online or from Amazon.
    • 6th graders who ARE BEGINNERS will be using the Standard of Excellence Book 1 (red).  Please purchase the book specific to your instrument at any music store, online or from Amazon.
    • Pencil
    • Folding music stand: for home practicing.  Please purchase a folding music stand at any music store, online or from Amazon.



    Grading:  Students start each new Marking Period with a 100 in this class. Students are graded each marking period in four areas:

    ·               Individual Playing Assessments (IPA) (40%): Band is a performance class, and students will be assessed throughout each marking period on the music being studied. Playing alone in front of their peers is part of the learning process for each student in this performance class. About 3-5 times per marking period, we will listen to each student play their instrument individually and use a performance rubric to assess them. These assessments can be on concert music, scales, or any other pedagogical skills we work on in class.

    ·               Ensemble Skills and Active Engagement (40%) Ensemble skills focus on group work and a student’s ability to participate in that group work. If a student is not prepared for class or not participating fully, he/she will have points deducted for that day as this prevents engagement in the ensemble skills necessary.



    Our concerts have yet to be determined.




    Group Lessons:  Group lessons are held on a rotating basis during the students’ regularly scheduled band class. 


    Behavior:  To ensure a safe and nurturing learning environment for all of our musicians, please follow these guidelines: Bathroom breaks should be taken care of at the beginning or end of class, with the exception of emergencies, to minimize walking through our narrow rows; students must let the teacher know when they need to be excused. Food, beverages and candy are not allowed in class.  Students are expected to treat each other with respect, and treat their own and others’ instruments with care.  If a student needs to be excused from playing in band (i.e., just had their braces tightened, suffered an injury, their instrument is in the repair shop, etc.) they should bring a note of explanation from home, or have the parents contact me by e-mail. Before and after class, instruments are to be safely kept in the band room, the students’ classrooms, or in their lockers; instruments are not to be left in public areas such as in hallways, locker rooms, etc.


    Wednesdays After-School Help: This time is available for students who need to do make-ups, want extra help, or who want to re-take performance assessments.  Students have the option to re-take once any performance test scored below a 90 to improve their grade. Make-ups and re-takes can be done at Wednesday After-School Help or during a subsequent class if time permits.  The final grade on a re-take will not exceed a 90. No make-ups or re-takes will be done for concert music once the concert is over.

    Philosophy:  We are a three-way partnership, Parents-Students-Teacher, to strengthen and promote

    our students’ enjoyment and appreciation of music.  We’re looking forward to a wonderful year together!

     Mrs. Solonick,          

    6th Grade Band Director