• Math Enrichment/Extracurricular Opportunities




    24 Game

    24 Game

    Challenge24 is a card game where students are given four numbers that they must calculate a solution equaling 24 using all four numbers once and any of the four basic operations (add, subtract, multiply, and/or divide).  Students in all mathematics classes participate in this activity informally throughout the school year.  In early spring students compete in their mathematics classes to be one of the top three students on their team.  These top 3 students per team may participate in further competition to determine a school champion, 2nd place,and 3rd place.

    Contest facilitators: Grade 5 MathTeachers

    Website: https://www.24game.com/




    Math League Contest 5

    This contest will be held in April/May.  Space will be limited and is filled on a first-come first-serve basis.


    Contest Facilitator: Dr. Herte

    Website: http://www.mathleague.com/



    Math League Contest 6

    This contest is a single after-school contest comprised of approximately 30 mathematics problems.  This contest is held in February.  Interested 6th grade students should inquire with their mathematics teacher.  This contest is open to all 6th grade students.  However, space is limited and students will receive notification from their mathematics teacher.

    Contest Facilitator: Mrs. Maya Colitsas

    Website: http://www.mathleague.com/




    MATHCOUNTS is an after school activity for students in grades 6-8 leading to the MATHCOUNTS Regional competition and possibly beyond. Due to the MATHCOUNTS national regulations this activity is only available for students in grades 6-8 without exception.  Additionally, students in this activity would also participate in the Math Olympiads–Division M contests.  This year due to the extremely high interest in grades 6-8th a separate MATHCOUNTS club was scheduled for grade 6 at LMS. This allows additional students to participate who otherwise might not be able. 

    Advisor LMS (Grade 6): Ms. Annie Yip

    Advisor UMS (Grade 7-8): Ms. Kelsey Donovan

    Websites:       http://mathcounts.org/



    American Mathematics Competition 8 (AMC 8)

    This contest is offered at LMS in the fall when practically possible.  The AMC 8 is a national 25 question, 40 minute multiple choice examination in middle school mathematics designed to promote the development and enhancement of problem solving skills. This contest is held in November each year.  Students who participate in Mathcounts should participate in this competition.   Space is limited and will be limited to a first come-first serve basis. Contest materials will be made available for all students for enrichment purposes after the contest has been administered.

    Website: http://amc.maa.org/e-exams/e4-amc08/amc8.shtml



    Math-Science Awards Evening

    This awards evening will be held in June of each year.  Students winning or receiving awards in mathematics, science contests or earning achievements on mathematics or science teams are honored and receive recognition.  Students receive invitations in late spring to this event.


     2015 Awards Program