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     Vocal Jazz - 2014


    About Vocal Jazz:  

    Vocal Jazz is back this year and will be rehearsing during the latter half of Unit Lunch on a frequent basis.  This will allow students participating to have their afternoons still free for other activities.  Vocal Jazz is a small mixed ensemble and will have approximately 12 students this year covering SATB music, both a cappella and accompanied.  Students in Vocal Jazz are required to be a member of the vocal program in another ensemble in order to audition (this includes either: Chamber Choir, Concert Choir, Chorale, Choraliers or Men’s Ensemble).  Music in the vocal jazz style is very demanding but awesome-sounding!  
    If you'd like to hear some sample of our previous work, please scroll down and listen to some ensemble recordings from the past.  Enjoy!  

    Thank you to all who auditioned!!
    First Rehearsal is
    MONDAY, 11/1 @ 10:40 – end-of-lunch
    Voice Parts TBD
    #21, #178, #11 
    #76, #133, #77
    #7, #45, #9

    Please subscribe to the MHS Vocal Jazz Remind Group:

    Text:  @mhsvocjazz    To:  81010
    Along with:  Josh Kring, Logan Geddes, Isabelle Schelbaum, Jonathan Hong, Nia Pretto


    Please scroll for audition information:

     Auditioning Students must be a member of the vocal program in at least one other ensemble,
    Chamber Choir, Concert Choir, MHS Chorale,
    Choraliers, Men's Ensemble
    AUDITION DATES:  OCTOBER 22 (R), 23 (F), 26 (M), 27 (T)
    After School in A-1134 (Vocal Room)
    10-minute Audition Slots 
    Performance Requirements:
    There are TWO PARTS to the Vocal Jazz Audition.  Students must prepare the solo, I Thought About You, as found in the audition pack and below.  Extra packs are available on the vocal room door and for download here.  The other audition requirements will be done the day of the audition. To prepare, please download the following items (all downloads are either Word Documents (.doc or doxc) or MP3's).  To save these, right click on the link and choose "save as" or "save link as".
    Part One - Required Solo Excerpt: "I Thought About You," by Mercer/Van Heusen               
    You will need to sing the entire chart, "I Thought About You" with a recorded piano accompaniment as found below:
    1)  Click HERE for the audition solo sheet music.  It is not required to be memorized so bring this to auditions.
          Practice Tracks are listed below.  Please download them all to aid you in practicing:
          I Thought About You 
          Click HERE to download the practice track of the vocal line to learn your melody.
          Click HERE to download the practice track with your vocal line along with piano accompaniment.
          Click HERE to download the practice track of the piano accompaniment alone.
          This last track is what will be used for you to sing with at auditions.  The melody will not be played at auditions. 
    2)   Click HERE for extra copies of the audition sheet.  This must be filled out in advance of your audition time. 
    3)   Download the sample recording HERE with Tony Bennett singing to gain some perspective on interpretation.
           Feel free to look on YouTube for sample interpretations of the song by other artists to get a better feeling of the piece.  
           This way you can hear a variety of interpretation styles but they may be sung in different keys, with different tempos and
           with different alterations of the melody (that's jazz!).
    Part Two - Scales, harmonizations, excercises, tonal memory etc.  These will all be done on the spot at auditions.

    Vocal Jazz Practice Tracks
    Here you will find the required supplemental practice tracks for the repertoire we are studying.  These will aid you in practicing your parts outside of class and allow us to make progress more expeditiously.  Simply scroll over the link you want to download, RIGHT-CLICK and click "save as" or "save link as" and download them.  If you click on the link it will play through the website.  Don't just do this.  DOWNLOAD THEM AND TAKE THEM WITH YOU!
    IMPORTANT:  If you have an issue downloading successfully, please inform me immediately as you are now responsible for anything that has been uploaded to practice with.  Thank you! 
    Make sure you download all tracks needed for each composition, and then actually practice with them!!!!!:  
       1) YOUR voice part
       2) TUTTI
       3) any additional tracks that are required

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