• MHS Stage Band
    Michael Brennan, director

    Stage Band picture by Frank Veronsky
    The Montgomery High School Stage Band is one of two large jazz ensembles at Montgomery High School. Comprised of 20-25 MHS students in grades 9-12, the Stage Band plays standard and original music written for large jazz ensemble. The band rehearses every Wednesday and Thursday evening from 5:30-7:30pm.

    2010-2011 Stage Band

    Shiva Murali, alto sax 1                         
    Katie Mehr, alto sax 2                           
    George Fakes, tenor sax 1                     
    Ahbik Mukherji, tenor sax 2                  
    Alex Barbour, baritone sax

    Robert Heebner, trumpet 1
    Debjit Das, trumpet 2

    Joe Budd, trumpet 3

    Lucas Man, trumpet 4

    Cody Sheng, trombone 1
    Jimmy Shi, trombone 2
    Chase Miller, trombone 3
    Brenna Kugan, trombone 3
    Nick Pazlopez, trombone 4
    Robert King, bass trombone

    Emily Fitzpatrick, bass
    John Coliacovo, drums
    Doug Roeper, drums
    Sean Bates, drums
    Arnav Chevula, guitar
    Mitchell Lee, piano

    2010-2011 Stage Band Charts
    Ms. BC (Bobby Watson)
    Brass Roots (Sebesky/Clark)
    Afternoon (Metheny/Curnow)
    Hour of Darkness (Mossman)
    The Sidewinder (Morgan)

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