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Community Letter from Acting Superintendent and Board President, 5/1/2020

Dear Parents/Guardians and Staff,

Greetings from our homes while we continue to practice our social distancing. As you may know, Governor Murphy has opened the parks beginning on Saturday. This is great news for our emotional health, as we can enjoy the park settings and the beautiful weather. However, our school campuses remain closed as we are planning for all aspects of a safe opening.  We will inform you as soon as this occurs.

Some highlights we would like to share with you this week pertain to our Food Services and Transportation staff. Our Food Services Manager, Ms. Patty Kurczewski, has been heading the district’s goal to provide food for our families who are in need of assistance during this unprecedented time. The men and women in her department have been working hard on site to provide this support to our students and we would like to recognize and thank them. Also, in support of the “stay at home” guidance we have received, our transportation department has been working alongside food services to deliver meals to our school families so the families who opt to remain home can receive their meals. We extend our appreciation and commendations to Ms. Robyn Friedlander, Supervisor of Transportation, and her entire department. This teamwork is representative of how our school community is operating during this pandemic.

If you are one of the people who has to travel on the roads and you happen to pass by our schools, don’t be surprised if you see our Director of School Safety and Security,  Mr. Tom Wain. He has been actively monitoring our campuses. Tom has been working with the township and state authorities to ensure our district is compliant and safe.  

One of our MHS Science teachers, Mr. Chris Resch, has been leading a team, with the support of students, colleagues, the MTEF, PTSA, and community members, in particular Minkyo Chenette, in making medical and personal protection equipment for hospitals and for our first responders.  Parts to respirators and face shields are among the items being produced using 3D printers.  Thank you to the aptly named “Monty Initiative Team” for your collaborative efforts in making this happen. Many community members have offered their support and we thank everyone.

Another acknowledgement of appreciation goes out to our staff members and their family members who are active in positions of emergency responders. We thank them and truly appreciate their sacrifices and dedication that allow us to be safe. 

Next week is Staff Appreciation Week.  While we cannot celebrate our appreciation for all they do for our students and for the district in person, we can reach out with an email, a video, or a simple note of thanks.  On behalf of the Board of Education and the Administration, thank you to our Montgomery Township School District Staff. You are always incredible and you have continued to be remarkable during this continual changing education environment. 

Lastly, please visit the newly established virtual community space, Montgomery Together, jointly established by the township and school district. Here you will find links to important health information, news updates, multiple resources to stay connected, ways to receive help and ways to provide assistance. 

Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend is forecasted to bring!



Mary and Joanne


Mary E. McLoughlin                           Joanne Tonkin

Acting Superintendent                    Board of Education President