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Survey Results and Spring Break

The results of the recent instructional model survey show an increase in the number of students choosing the hybrid instructional model.  Approximate percentages of the students who will be participating in the hybrid model beginning April 19, 2021, are as follows:

  • District: 50%
  • OHES: 62% 
  • VES: 56% 
  • LMS: 53% 
  • UMS: 50% 
  • MHS: 47% 

The schools are currently working on student schedules in preparation for Monday, April 19, 2021. Each school will communicate with families prior to that date with any important information regarding this next phase. 

The Center for Disease Control and the New Jersey Department of Health have released new guidelines for school districts found here: Covid-19 Public Health Recommendations. In following these new guidelines, it is our goal to have full days of in-person instruction by early May 2021.  Information will be shared as our plans are confirmed.

Spring Break begins next week and schools reopen on Wednesday, April 7, 2021.  For the health and safety of our MTSD community, please adhere to the NJ Travel Advisory.  

As a reminder, for any travel outside of the USA or to any state outside the immediate area (PA, DE, NY, CT) for a duration longer than 24 hours in the 10 days prior to April 7, 2021, please notify the school nurse that your child(ren) will be virtual for 10 calendar days following return from travel.