Class Supplies and Materials

Classroom Supplies/Materials to Bring on the First Day:

o       Backpack without wheels

o       A pencil box that secures shut in the front

o       12 sharpened pencils

o       2 large erasers

o       6 glue sticks

o       A box of 24 crayons    

o       Child size scissors

o       Yellow highlighter marker

o       Roll of tape

o       Hand held pencil sharpener

o                   Head phones in a Ziploc bag labeled with name (for computer lab)

o                   Cardboard tube from an aluminum foil roll

o                   Backpack tag with bus information


In addition to these grade level supplies, please bring:

o       Healthy Snack/ Drink (everyday)

o       One 3 ring binder (1 inch ring with clear plastic covers)

o       Dry erase markers and an eraser (an old sock will do nicely)

o       A Ziploc bag marked clearly with your name – containing 20 pennies, 10 nickels, 10 dimes, and 8 quarters

o       A pack of 5 tab dividers

o       2 Marble composition notebooks

o       3 bottom-pocket folders (1 each of red, blue, and yellow)