• Strategies
    Identifying parts of a diagragm-
    The students learned how to create thier own study tool when needing to learn parts of a diagram.  First they traced/ copied,/drew their own model with space provided to label each part.  Then they created their own word bank from the answer sheet. 
    Memory vocab-
    The students created a game to review the following science terms:  classification, taxonomy, bionomial nomenclature, cellular respiration, objective lenses, diaphram, 7 levels of classification, excretion, heterotrophic.  They should be playing this game with someone at home!
    Rules for Memory:
    One player goes first and flips over two cards.  If the cards match (term and definition) then that player keeps the match.  If the cards do not match, both cards get turned over and the next player gets a turn.
    Creating flashcards-
    Write the vocabulary term on one side of the notecard and the definition on the other.  Sit with someone at home and have them hold up each card one at a time.  When they show you the definition side, you have to say the name of the vocabulary term.  If you get it correct, the flashcard goes down on the table.  If you do not get it correct, the flashcard goes back in to the pile for further review.  *Then try having someone hold up the vocabulary term side and you give them the definition.  Good luck!