• VES Mural
    From Concept to Reality

    In an effort to brighten the foyer and make our students, parents, staff, and community members feel even more welcome, staff members designed and painted a scene that represents the beautiful trees that surround our school and serve as homes to the friendly bluebirds, also known as our mascot!  If you look carefully at the tree in the heart of the scene, you’ll also see the names of each staff member scribed into the bark! This mural project couldn't have been completed without various groups and individuals. Ms. Fassi wrote the PTA grant for funding the project and joined Ms. Lacy, Mr. Hadinger, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Bonnet, Ms. Yulo and several students in developing the design elements. Mrs. O’Connor, our art teacher took time to design a sample, guide staff members in the painting techniques, and refined the details of the piece. All VES staff members provided painting supplies and actually completed the painting. Last, but far from least, special thanks go to our VES PTA for providing the grant funds to support the creation of
    this mural!

Last Modified on December 18, 2012