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    Health and Physical Education Teacher 
    Drivers Education
     Head Varsity Softball Coach
    Girl's JV Soccer Coach
    Class of 2023 Advisor 
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    Extra Help Day: Tuesday
    Freshman Health:  Freshman Health focuses on the various changes that occur during the pubescent years, including bodily changes, social pressures, and how to understand the mind and body.  Topics such as drug & alcohol abuse, internet safety, and mental health are a significant part of the curriculum. 

    Substance Awareness Substance Abuse, Prescription Drug Use, Drug Misuse and Drug Abuse, Drug Classifications, Signals of Abuse, Prevention of Substance Abuse, Treatment and Services, Recovery From Addiction, Media Influence to Use Drugs

    Coming of Age
    Puberty and Adolescence, Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Social Changes, Gender Issues, Reproductive Organs and Their   Functions, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Transmission of STI’s, Prevention of STI’s, Birth Control

    Wellness & Mental Health
    Self Harm Behavior Indicators
    Appearance Isn’t Always Reality
    Coping Skills
    Safe Ways to Use Technology
    Internet Safety
    Mental Health Issues
    Mental Health Prevention
    Early Detection

    Freshman Health Google Classroom:


    Drivers Education: Takes teens through the driving experience not only to provide the knowledge to pass the written exam, but to gain experience in situations that could happen on the roads today.
    Here are links to my current Drivers Ed classes!


    Physical Education: Physical Education is an integral part of the total education program. It is that phase of education which provides an opportunity, through activity, for physical, mental and social development. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of team sports, lifetime activities and personal physical fitness programs. It is our mission at the high school to empower all students to sustain regular, lifelong physical activity as a foundation for a healthy, productive and fulfilling life. And of course, have some FUN in the process!

    Virtual PE Google Classrooms:

    1A PE 10th Grade: 1A PE Google Classroom

    4A PE 10th Grade: 4A PE Google Classroom

    1B PE 10th Grade: 1B PE Google Classroom

    3B PE 12th Grade: 3B PE Google Classroom

    4B PE 9th Grade: 4B PE Google Classroom



    To all of my students in Unified PE click this link for more information. Unified PE Google Classroom

    For all course info, assignments and homework, visit Parent Portal and/or Google Classroom.