Welcome to Math Club/League ( 2020-21)

  • Advisor: Mrs. Sinha
    The first meeting of the Math League is on Wednesday, September 23, at 2:40. The ZOOM link is on the MATH LEAGUE GOOGLE CLASSROOM. The schedule for the rest of the meetings is the table below.  Everyone is welcome to come to the club meetings and the CJML home meets in January and February.  The other six CJML meets are only for those students that have been invited to travel with the team, and that have handed in permission slips.

    League Meeting Dates ( see below) : (Virtual until normal schedule)

    Central Jersey Math League Meet ( 2020-21)

    Meet # Day Date Host
    (Click for Information)
    1 Wednesday September 23, 2020 Home Meet
    2 Wednesday October 28, 2020 Home Meet
    3 Wednesday November 18, 2020 (?) Union County Vo-Tech
    4 Wednesday December 16, 2020 TBD
    5 Wednesday January 20, 2021 Home Meet
    6 Wednesday February 17, 2021 Home Meet
    7 Wednesday March 10, 2021 Perth Amboy High School
    8 Wednesday April 21, 2021 Middlesex High School


    Forms: Please fill out the following forms in order to participate in CJML 
    If you want to be notified by email about upcoming club meetings and events, then you must send an email :
    Mrs. Sinha: nsinha@mtsd.us
    The Montgomery Math League Club holds about Seven meetings per year.  Mrs. Sinha will provide a place for kids to sit and play with puzzles or math problems. At the beginning of the meeting, one of you will give a presentation on a topic or problem or game or puzzle to promote discussion or share something fun or teach a useful idea. Most of the meeting is spent informally, with students roaming the room and playing with math however they wish.
    If you would like to be a member of this club, or if you have questions, please write to me by email.
    Thank you.
    - Mrs. Sinha and Dr. Fishman