• Transportation Department:

    Transportation Supervisor, Robyn Friedlander
    609-466-7601 x7010
    Assistant Transportation Supervisor, Chu Velazquez
    609-466-7601 x7024
     In order to change your child's address, you must provide proof of residency for your new home to the district registrar, Diane Strimple, at 609-466-7189 or dstrimple@mtsd.us.  Proof of residency consists of either a signed lease, signed contract, closing document or deed.
    Once you provide the required document, the registrar will notify the transportation department of the change of address.
    Once the transportation department has received the information from the registrar, it may take from 3 to 5 days to set up the transportation.  However, in most instances the change will be accomplished much quicker.

    The Transportation Dispatch is 732-558-5113 (between the hours of 5:30am & 3:30pm)

    For General questions and concerns, hit prompt #3.

    For lost items, late buses and field trip questions, hit prompt #2.

    For Emergencies, such as your child has not returned home from the bus, hit prompt #1


Last Modified on March 1, 2018