• Dear Student,
    Colleges often require a letter of recommendation from a teacher.   Please understand that when a teacher writes you a letter, this is done on their personal time.  It is not a job requirement nor are we given time during the school day to complete these.  I love my students and I know you need letters for your applications.  That said, this coming school year (2020-21) I am going to have very limited time to write these letters.  Because of personal demands on my time outside of school, this year I am limiting myself to the exceptions.  If you truly feel like you have a relationship with me that has gone beyond the classroom and if you would like me to write your letter, please send me an email and I will get back to you.  Typically I have an in-person conversation with you before I agree to write a letter, but clearly in this time of covid-19, that is not possible!  I have a limit to the number of letters I can write and I will only agree to write you a letter if I feel I know you well enough to compose a strong letter on your behalf.  Do not take it personally or be offended if I decline writing your letter.  I am in self-preservation mode! :) Once you and I have spoken, I will share a document in Google drive for you to complete.  Please answer the questions within as completely as possible. This will assist me in writing the strongest letter possible on your behalf.  The sooner I get this information, the better.  If possible, I will try to write your letter over the summer when I have time to devote to this important part of your college application.  I know you might not know all the colleges to which you are going to apply, but I can get the letter written and you can update that information later if necessary.
    Thank you for thinking about me.  I wish you all the best as you get ready to head into your senior year!
    Mrs. Heebner  :)
Last Modified on May 21, 2020