• The Second Grade Spelling Program


    Orchard Hill Elementary uses a
    spelling program created by Words Their Way.  This program is an
    assessment-guided student centered
    approach that is interactive and
    inquiry based. Spelling, phonics,
    and vocabulary are taught through
    small group instructions and ‘centers’.  I assessed your children in spelling the past few weeks in order to tailor instruction appropriately for all the children.  The on-going monitoring of students’ writing is one part of the information-gathering process as is a periodic assessment with a dictated word inventory.  This dictated word inventory enables me to readily and confidently identify children’s stages of spelling development, highlight specific strengths and weaknesses in featural knowledge so instruction can be appropriate. The inventory screening identifies the developmental spelling state of students.  I use the screening to identify more specific information that is used to determine the particular instructional needs of students.  You will see the developmental spelling stages on the report card.  New spelling groups were formed this week and we will continue to investigate the orthographic features that are relevant to the stage of spelling that is appropriate for your child.  The first weeks of spelling are focused on a ‘strength’ of spelling.  I drop back a stage to increase word pattern knowledge and allow the students to be able to access prior knowledge in order to investigate new patterns.  


    Here are some great activities to do at home to help your child use creative and tactile ways to study their spelling and high frequency words:

    • Write your words in shaving cream or pudding
    • Use magnetic letters  (a refrigerator makes a great playing surface)
    • Bath crayons in the tub
    • Using alphabet cereal
    • Playing Hangman
    • Making flashcards with fun pens, markers, or paint for long car trips
    • Using Play Dough to form letters and words