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    Montgomery Special Education PTA (MSEPTA) Grades PS-12

    Calendar, Event, Presentation Dates/Times, meeting minutes

    Meetings will be held virtually via Zoom unless otherwise stated.
    Zoom https://us02web.zoom.us/j/8365745425

    NJ PTA Bylaws          Standing Rules

    The next meeting is November 15th. At 6:30pm via zoom link above. 

    General Membership Meetings are open to the public but only those in good standing will be able to participate in this PTAs business.

    • Good Standing refers to ANY paid PTA Member. PTA members are anyone who wishes to support MSEPTA (school staff members, MHS students, parents, community members). 
    • Participating in PTA business means: Adopting the budget and standing rules and voting at general membership meetings.

    Board of Directors Meetings

    • The Board of Directors are the Elected Offices of this PTA and the Chairpersons of Long-Standing Committees. These meetings do not include the public.
    • Long-Standing Committees are committees that run throughout the school year. 
    • Short-Standing Committee chairpersons are not a part of the Board of Directors

    Prepared meeting minutes are available to MSEPTA members at every general membership meeting for review upon request and posted in our weekly newsletter.  

Last Modified on October 19, 2023