• Staff Grants


    MSEPTA grants are awarded to Special Education staff members for the purpose of implementing innovative ideas or practices to support instructional and curriculum needs that benefit the special education students of Montgomery Township.

    We’ll accept grants on a rolling basis until the grant funds are depleted or no later than April 30th to be considered at the May meeting. Meeting dates/times are posted on the PTA Website if you wish to attend the meeting to answer questions.


    • You must be a current MSEPTA member to apply for a grant. (Membership is $5; payable to MSEPTA). Join Here
    • You are responsible for quotes, ordering and choosing a reimbursement method (see below).
    • Funds are limited to the specific project or idea and cannot be used outside of the grant request.
    • The project/equipment/innovative idea/materials should benefit the special education
    • student population.
    • The funds received must be expended in the school year in which the award is given, and receipts are required for reimbursement. Expenditures will be reviewed against the approved grant and must align to get paid.
    • Funds may NOT be used for special training, salaries, registrations, or travel.
    • All items that are funded through this program become the property of the MTSD.
    • You may submit more than one request. (We welcome multiple applications as well as group or team submissions)


    • Be specific, give details of the project and supply a quote when applying for a grant.
    • The applicant is responsible for the purchase of item(s). Information on check requests and expense reimbursement, along with a tax-exempt form, will be provided at approval.
    • Return completed forms Electronically Only to, Jaime Gostkowski at jlgostkowski@gmail.com
    • Grants are voted upon at the monthly MSEPTA meetings. The PTA will notify you of our final decision after voting has been completed. If approved, use the same email above to submit receipts for reimbursement.

    Click here for the Grant Application

Last Modified on September 1, 2023