• ReadingLady.com - About the Reading Lady

    Readinglady.com was created by Laura Kump of New York City. Laura obtained her National Board Certification in Literacy:Reading-Language Arts/Early and Middle Childhood. She is currently a Literacy Coach working in a PreK-5 school on Staten Island. Laura has presented at the International Reading Association Convention and the Four-Blocks Leadership Conference.

    Laura created Readinglady.com to provide support to teachers throughout the country. Teachers come to her site to network and share ideas. There are many free resources housed here, along with discussion groups. If you have something you would like to share with other teachers, please email Laura with any questions or ideas. We hope you enjoy your visit.

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  • ReadWriteThink.org - Online Literacy Help

    Lessons on ReadWriteThink can be sorted by literacy engagements so that teachers can highlight specific language functions in the classroom. Following M. A. K. Halliday's model, lessons are designed to engage students in authentic and meaningful language learning (1982). Literacy engagements simultaneously involve learning language (as students listen to it and use it with others in their everyday lives), learning about language (as students try to figure out how it works, engage with their teachers in focused instruction on how it works or in critiquing its impact), and learning through language (as students use it to learn about or do something).

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